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Helping women who wear multiple hats in their 6-figure+ business but would rather not. 

Providing Administrative tasks and strategic project management assistance to help you have LIFE BALANCE.

See why Black women in Business choose X'Zandria as their Virtual Assistant                                    Read Reviews 

With having me as your virtual assistant, you will be able to:

  • More time to invest with your family 

  • Increase your income

  • Better work/life balance

  • Have more time to for yourself & relaxation 

  • Enjoy travel without doing business stuff

  • work less in your business

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Ready to have more quality time to spend with your family?

Services Provided

Schedule & Email Management

  • Responding to your emails 

  • Creating Email templates/ auto-responders

  • Following up with clients/customers

  • Keep track of Meetings, Tasks, Deadlines, & Events

Project Planning
  • Travel arrangements

  • Step by step project  set-up on Trello and/or Google Doc

  • Pre-strategic Planning 

  • Budgeting 

  • Tasks Completion & Implementation 

Time Saving Digital Products 

  • Done-For-You Email Scripts

  • Fill-in-the-Blank Email Subject Lines 

  • Done-For-You Standard Operating Procedures



“The hardest thing to find these days are people who are just as committed to your vision and business as you are. X'Zandria is that person who requires little to no training but takes your vision and runs with it. Thank you X’Zandria!!"
Portia Hairston, LCSW
Owner of SunnyDaze Holistic Counseling Services 
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A little about X'Zandria

Being a virtual assistant specifically for Black women is very important to me. As a Black woman, being in spaces where you may be the only one or dealing with clients all day that don't look like you can be draining. ​Being able to decompress without judgment or having to explain can be such a relief.

The first Black woman I was employed by was my granny who is a Registered Nurse. Ironing her clothes for .25 cents per item in 5th grade so she had time to eat breakfast in the morning.  My granny definitely got a deal. 

Helping Black women to continue to show up as their best selves is something I will continue to do. 

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